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Paid Advertising

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With almost around 1.7 billion active users on Facebook and 246 billion unique Google users, without any doubt, paid advertising is the key to grow your business to the next level and reach to your target audience. Therefore, Vink offers strategic paid Ad management and campaign set up for your business. This package is righ for you if your goal is the following: 1. Increase reach and expose your ads to your target audience 2. Increase store traffic or lead generation through Ads 3. Drive traffic to web pages, app, or landing pages 4. Increase page followers and engagement Here's how we help: 1. Create Ad campaigns on Facebook Ads Manager and optimize them regularly 2. Create effective ads such as carousel ads, video ads, dynamic ads, instant experience ads, etc. 3. Write compelling copy for each ad to increase conversion 4. Running A/B testing to optimize each campaign

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