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VINK your Business!




Full Marketing Strategy

Javanshir Financial Academy trains traders to succeed in digital currency and other financial markets. Javanshir Academy also provides real-time support and news and training podcasts.

  • Services Offered: Marketing Strategy, Branding, Influencer Marketing 

  • Objective: The primary objective was to create a strong and trustworthy brand in an uncertain market! Besides that we focused on increasing social media engagement and awareness, optimize the website (we completely rebuild the website), and bring more traffic to it.

  • What we did: VINK started from scratch (branding strategy) by changing the logo and identity, business tagline, and generally all the fundamental structure of the academy based on various analyses such as SWOT, Porter's 5 forces, and by designing the customers' journey map.    

  • The second step was to create content based on the target audience to draw attention to the social media page and website and to make a more clear and trustable visual brand identity.

  • We divided the project into 3 phases: 1. Creating Brand & Brand Strategy  2. Brand reconstruction (Changing the foundations and bringing new strategies to the business 3. Awareness and interaction with the target audience by content marketing and advertising on social media 

  • The result: We saw a 2.85% increase in their Engagement Rate as well as a 236% increase in account reached within the first month. and the brand gained very good recognition among customers. After 5 months we are proud that the Javanshir Academy is trustworthy and reputable in its segment.

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